Cutting edge technologies like AI, machine learning, blockchain and the internet of things can change the world for the better. But they only do so when effectively trained, trusted and applied through human intelligence and a human touch.

This is what we call genius

We are specialists

When it comes to making the technologies trained,trusted and applied.

We operate at the crossroads of emerging technologies, organisational challenges and, most of all, humans. So we recruit, educate, craft and staff geniuses to make data & technology create value beyond profit.

We are simple

The technology specialist that makes complex tech look easy. True progress, growth and transformation comes from understanding. So it is our mission to grow your technology EQ, build and scale the tech and unleash your full potential.

We take you all the way

from strategy to delivery

Our genius companies take you to infinity and beyond


We raise your digital EQ so you understand the opportunities & Challenges for:

  • You
  • Your Company
  • Your Products
  • Your Markets

We turn generic tech into specific value.


Focus is tremendously important during the road towards Digital Transformation.

Based on our experience and previous phase, we define the optimal road to unleash your full potential.


We pick a specific opportunity first and build it from scratch, using our Genius startups and companies.

We’ll teach you how to do it yourself along the way and create best practices to enable the scaling phase.


Scaling technology is not only about technology. It’s about scaling architecture, leadership, people and organisation.
Every organisation – market – technology mix requires specific alignment. We guarantee you get there!

We’d like to hear your story.

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